Friday, 2 December 2011

Preview Spring 2012

As winter is approaching, I am spending more afternoons and evenings inside the house and what is better on a cold day than creating some jewelry for the new spring 2012 collection with a cup of hot chocolate! My goal for next spring is to create more of a collection. Items that fit together and are in a similar style to fit the fashion trends, rather than making only individual items. Exciting, new and I am looking forward to it!

Now I wouldn't be me if I didn't keep you up to date and give you a little sneak preview of what's to come! Besides, I am not good at keeping surprises and waiting til spring, so here you go! A little something to look forward to..! ©

This golden color bracelet is completely handmade, hand linked by myself with gold plated metal jump rings. To this bracelet I added charms: a mother of pearl shell coin, Labradorite semi-precious stone, Jasper semi-precious stone, glass pearl and a Turquoise semi-precious stone bead in the fashion trend colors for spring 2012 Cockatoo blue, Driftwood grey and Starfish beige.

The length of the bracelet is approximately 7.5 inch

Friday, 25 November 2011

Jewelry by Annemieke in Bead Magazine!

Hello dear readers!

Remember the Bead Soup contest I was telling about in one of my previous posts? Well, you have all been able to follow me while I had to create jewelry by using some beads given to me in the so-called bead soup and send the pieces off to the magazine.

After waiting for more than a month, I finally received the magazine today together with the jewelry I created for the contest and I can tell you that I have been published in the magazine on one whole page!! This may sound boring or uninterested to some people but I cannot tell you how excited I am!!

Of course I had to share this with all of you so hereby the photo of the article!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Jewelry Colors for Spring 2012

I've had the Fashion Color Report for a while now and since I'm starting to work on jewelry for spring 2012, I thought it would be time to reveal the new colors to you! Chosen at the New York Fashion Week in collaboration with Pantone, the fashion colors for the coming spring reflect bright and rich colors, inspired by optimism and the idea that brighter days are on its way. I personally can't wait to dive into this! Hope you like it! ©

From the top down, these are the colors:

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Big Event

As promised a little message with some more information about the event where I will be selling my jewelry next. On December 30, there will be an acoustic evening at the Royal Oak in Amblecote, Stourbridge where various artists will perform in order to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK. To attend this event, £2 entry fee will be asked. This money will completely go towards the charity! :)

Prickly Promotions, who organize this event, have planned a mini-fair outside at the car park of the venue where you will find me and many other great people selling their products! Because I reallt believe in Cancer Research UK and I thinks it's amazing that this event is going to take place, I am going to donate 5% of my sellings that day to Cancer Research UK! So if you are in the area, please drop by and check everything out!  ©

Friday, 11 November 2011

Jewelry by Annemieke for Cancer Research UK!!

Hello to all my dear blog readers!

This morning I have some exciting news to share with you! I have just been asked if I would like to sell my products at a Cancer Research UK charity event on the 30th of December! I am so excited about this, especially because it would be such an honor to sell my jewelry for such a great project! Don't get too excited though because I need to see if I can get to the event as I am unfortunately relying on public transport, but I am staying positive!

I will keep you posted and will let all of you know where the event will be held soon so you can come and see things for yourself! As for my previous posts about the beading magazine, I have just received word that the magazine is being printed as we speak so hopefully I will get it soon so I can check whether my jewelry made it in the magazine! ©

Monday, 10 October 2011

Photo Diary Part 4

The last part of the photo-diary before I send my designs off to the beading magazine! I am so excited and I cannot wait to get feedback from them :) Hopefully I will be able to post a magazine article in my next blog post ;)

This last set of jewelry is made with the brown Gold Sandstone nuggets and the Shiva Shell coins that I have received for the bead soup. I reckon I saved the best for last, but see for yourself!


Sunday, 9 October 2011

Photo Diary Part 3

As promised part 3 of the photo-diary! This is another necklace that I have created for the magazine assignment, this time using the long Rose Quartz chips. I hope you like it! Tomorrow I will post the last part of the photo-diary, showing a bracelet and a pair of earrings and then everything will be off to the magazine!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Photo Diary Part 2

As promised the next part of the photo-diary with the earrings that match the necklace I showed you yesterday. Keep an eye out for a new necklace coming up tomorrow!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Photo Diary Part 1

In my last post, I was telling you that I have been asked to participate in a 'Bead Soup'. For that I have received four strings of beads and by adding my own beads, I have created some pieces of jewelry that I would love to share with you! Next week, the pieces will be send off to the magazine and hopefully they will like it enough to publish it! Wish me luck and I hope you like my creations! ©

These are the beads I have received: 6mm round Aventurine, small brown Goldstone nuggets, Shiva shell coins and long Rose Quartz chips.
Together with my own beads, I have made this necklace:

Keep an eye out for the matching pair of earrings that will be posted in the second part of the photo-diary tomorrow!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Exciting News!

Hello to all you jewelry-lovers!

Sorry I have been out of touch for a while, but I have got some exciting news to share with you! At the moment, I have been given the opportunity to participate in a so-called 'bead soup' for one of the leading bead magazines of the UK! This means that I have received some strings of beads with which I have to design up to 4 pieces of jewelry and if they are interesting and unique enough, I might be featured in the magazine!!

I am so excited because this is new to me and might give me some new free publicity! I'll keep you posted on all the developments and I will post a photo diary of the beads and designs online soon. Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed! ©

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Blue Sky On A Cloudy Day

Lately the weather in England hasn't really been great. Clear blue skies were rapidly replaced with clouds and the occasional shower after which it was suddenly clear blue again! So annoying because in those cases, I never know what to wear. That is what inspired me to make this necklace, combining blues with natural shades of beige. I hope you like it! ©

The necklace is a combination of silver chain and a variety of beads, ranging from crystal and glass to shell and real fresh water pearls. The length of the necklace is 20inch/51cm (the short bit of the necklace measured) and can be extended to 21inch/53.5cm. The long loop attached to the basic necklace has an extra length of 15inch/38cm.

This item will be send to you in a wonderful free gift box!

Price: £12.50

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Flowing Like River Waters - Earrings

As I am getting back to work after spending a wonderful week with one of my friends from the Netherlands, I realized that I completely forgot to put the new earrings up that I have created to fit the bracelet in the previous post! So hereby, blue Jasper earrings to finish off the lovely Flowing Like River Waters bracelet. ©

Price: £6.00 (Approx. €7.18/$9.84)
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Monday, 13 June 2011

Flowing Like River Waters


Summer is coming up which means time soon to go on a holiday! Visit an old little town, do some sightseeing or go hiking at nature's loveliest spots :) Nothing beats being out there, feeling free and getting lost in river's numerous ways of flowing water.

Inspired by these thoughts, this bracelet is made from hand-linked silver Romanov chainwork made by myself, holding blue acrylic beads, combined with rectangle blue Jasper semi-precious stones, finished off with a rose toggle clasp. ©

The length of the bracelet is: 8 inch/20.5cm

Price: £12.50 (Approx. €14.96/$20.49)
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Friday, 10 June 2011

Ruby Romance - Earrings

Because the Ruby Romance necklace is slightly formal looking, I decided to create a matching pair of earrings that can be worn together with the necklace on a formal occasion, but of course also on their own! This lovely pair of earrings will of course be shipped in the gift box shown in the picture. ©

Length of the earrings: 2 inch/5cm

Price: £6.00 (Approx. €7.18/$9.84)
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Ruby Romance - Necklace

Everyone knows that during spring 'love is in the air', so I decided to go a bit more romantic. So in order to accomplish this, this necklace is made with wonderful ruby color crystal teardrop beads, covered with an AB layer to make things a bit more shiny. These beads really make a classy necklace, however not everyone likes just the classy necklace that you can only wear on special occasions, so in order to make this necklace suitable for everyday use, I added the chain aspect in gunmetal black and all hand-linked by myself. ©

The length of the necklace is: 15-17 inch/37.5-43cm, but can always be made longer when requested.

Of course this necklace also comes with the free gift box!

Price: £12.50 (Approx. €14.96/$20.49)
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Monday, 30 May 2011

Jewelry Giftbox

I am proud to announce that from now on, all purchased jewelry will be shipped in these lovely jewelry giftboxes and all of that for free! Whether it is for yourself, or as a gift to someone else, this way your jewelry will always look nice©

Springtime Pastels

Bracelet with Turquoise, Fluorite, Labradorite and silver

The fashion trend colors of spring 2011 consist mostly of pastel colors, of which 'Peapod','Lavender' and 'Silver Peony' are used in this bracelet. With its lovely semi-precious gemstones combined with silver wire work and a nice toggle clasp, this bracelet is ready to be worn!

The length of the bracelet is 8 inch/20.5cm

This bracelet will be shipped in a lovely gift box!

Price: £12.50 (Approx. €14.96/$20.49)
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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Summer Fiesta de Flores

Going from the more calmer colors to a little bit brighter, like going from spring to summer. Three must-have colors of summer 2011 are Beeswax, Rose Coral and Curacao Blue. Having been to Curacao this immediately brings back memories. Blue seas, palm beaches and in my case archaeology. With these colors I would say: Bring on the summer!

The necklace is made from 1mm gold-plated chain with gold-plated filigree flowers and a variety of beads like Golden Sand Stone semi-precious gemstones and crackle glass beads. The length of the necklace is 26 inch/66cm. ©

Price: £12.50 (Approx. €14.96/$20.49)

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Summer Fiesta de Flores - Bracelet

This colorful bracelet is part of a jewelry set and can be worn together with the necklace posted earlier but is of course also easy to wear on its own! :) The length of the bracelet is 8-9.5 inch/20.5-24cm. ©

Price: £9.00 (Approx. €10.77/$14.75)

Summer Fiesta de Flores - Earrings

With Blogger up and working again, I can finally make the summer jewelry set complete with these fun and bright dangle earrings! They have the same color scheme as the bracelet and necklace seen before, but if one thinks that it is all a bit too much, they also look quite nice on their own. ©


Monday, 9 May 2011

SOLD - Lavender Blues

Another color that is all trendy this spring/summer is Lavender. A beautiful purple/blue shade which has formed the main inspiration for this bracelet. The chain to which the individual charms are attached, is hand-linked(!) in double rows by using silver-plated jumprings. Numerous semi-precious gemstones are used and to make it easier, these gemstones are pointed out in the third picture :) ©

Price: £8.00 (€9.50/$13.00)

Friday, 6 May 2011

SOLD - Royal Majesty of the Sea

Spring and summer of 2011 are all about bright, pastel colors. The one used here is a green/blue color sometimes referred to as ´peapod´. This silver-plated chain necklace has a length of 22 inches (56cm) which holds this amazing Agate semi-precious gemstone carved in the shape of a seahorse, accompanied by dragon vein Agate semi-precious beads and two crystal cube beads.

The seahorse is chosen because depictions of animals are very trendy this spring and what is more majestic than a horse? The horse of the sea in this case ;-) ©

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Hello lovely blog readers!

By now you must all think I have quit my blog or something, but this is definitely not the case! I just moved into my fantastic new house a while ago and am using that opportunity to re-organise my box of beads. I can tell you that that is a lot more work than expected but does make me come up with lots of new ideas, so hopefully a whole new collection of jewelry will be up soon! I'll keep you posted!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Simplicity - Earrings

To top it off, a pair of earrings to make this jewelry set complete. ©

SOLD - Simplicity - Bracelet

This bracelet forms a nice set with the Simplicity Necklace, made with the lovely real Turquoise beads. © 

Price: £9.00

SOLD - Simplicity - Necklace

This is probably my favorite combination, Turquoise beads with silver color chain and spacers. Such a common and easy combination, but for me it always looks amazing and with the bright blue color coming back to the fashion trends of Spring 2011 this necklace will fit the jewelry box. ©

Price: £12.00

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Worldwide Shipping!

Just a reminder to everyone who might have forgotten or did not know it yet: Jewelry by Annemieke ships her jewelry worldwide! So do not be distracted by the prices being in pounds, anyone can order! ©

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

SOLD - Pink Polka Dots

Recently I started to read more about working with wire when making jewelry. To introduce, this necklace is made with aluminium wire, combined with nice lampwork beads. Every woman likes a polka dot every once in a while right? ;) Very classic in pink on black. ©

Price: £10.00 (€12.00/$16.00)

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Autumn Leaves - Bracelet

Price: £9.00 (Approx. $14.75)
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Autumn Leaves - Necklace

Apart from the nice temperatures during the summer, I must admit that Autumn is definitely my favorite season of the year. Inspired by all its different colors, ranging from warm orange to army green, this necklace is made complete with its eye-catching bronze color grape vine clasp that stands out in the center. ©

Price: £12.99 (€15.50/$21.00)

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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Meadow in Springtime

With all the rainy and grey days most of us must have experienced over the last few weeks, it is so nice to stay inside the house and think of brighter things. What is better than the sunny thought of springtime? With the grass getting green again and especially the smell of a freshly mowed lawn :) ©

Price: £12.50 (Approx. $20.49)

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Sunday, 16 January 2011

SOLD - Royal Return

After one month of holidays, house viewings and other things that keep one very busy, it is finally time for a new blogpost! Because of its gold plated metal spacer beads, cloisonne beads in gold and white, various bits of crystal and mother of pearl shell disks, this necklace is a true royal looking piece.. ©

Price: £12.99 (€15.50/$21.00)