Saturday, 14 May 2011

Summer Fiesta de Flores

Going from the more calmer colors to a little bit brighter, like going from spring to summer. Three must-have colors of summer 2011 are Beeswax, Rose Coral and Curacao Blue. Having been to Curacao this immediately brings back memories. Blue seas, palm beaches and in my case archaeology. With these colors I would say: Bring on the summer!

The necklace is made from 1mm gold-plated chain with gold-plated filigree flowers and a variety of beads like Golden Sand Stone semi-precious gemstones and crackle glass beads. The length of the necklace is 26 inch/66cm. ©

Price: £12.50 (Approx. €14.96/$20.49)

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  1. That's a great price for such an exquisite creation. The colour scheme sits perfect and compliments the design!