Friday, 10 June 2011

Ruby Romance - Necklace

Everyone knows that during spring 'love is in the air', so I decided to go a bit more romantic. So in order to accomplish this, this necklace is made with wonderful ruby color crystal teardrop beads, covered with an AB layer to make things a bit more shiny. These beads really make a classy necklace, however not everyone likes just the classy necklace that you can only wear on special occasions, so in order to make this necklace suitable for everyday use, I added the chain aspect in gunmetal black and all hand-linked by myself. ©

The length of the necklace is: 15-17 inch/37.5-43cm, but can always be made longer when requested.

Of course this necklace also comes with the free gift box!

Price: £12.50 (Approx. €14.96/$20.49)
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