Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Fair and News

My dear readers!
I has been over 2 months since my last post so I think it's time for an update! As you may have noticed, JbA hasn't done much online recently because unfortunately my old laptop decided to die.. It took me quite a while to get a new one, but now we are up and running again!

JbA might not have been online much, but we have definitely not been sitting still! On December 1st, JbA had a stall at the Brockmoor Community Centre in Brierly Hill (Dudley area). One of the ladies I met at previous events invited JbA to have a stall at their Christmas Fair in aid of Leukaemia Care UK and of course we could not say no to that! It ended up only to be for a couple of hours, but we had a great time!

You might have already seen the pictures on the JbA Facebook site, but for those who have missed it, here are some shots taken during the Christmas Fair:

I hope these pictures can give you a little bit of an idea of what are little stall looked like!
Other than the fair, I am very busy designing new items for Spring 2013 of which I gave you a little preview in my earlier posts. Hopefully I will be able to finish some items tomorrow and of course they will be on the blog soon after that! In the meantime please keep an eye on the blog! ©

Monday, 8 October 2012

Longing for Egyptian sands

A new day with new jewelry. In my last post I gave all of you a little sneak preview of what my next jewelry plans were. This time I went a bit outside of my own box and decided to create a piece with golden elements, a color I myself do not really wear. 

For the next two items, I have used the colors Monaco Blue and Lemon Zest as the base of my inspiration. By combining the yellow of the gold with dark blue, a royal combination comes to my mind that takes me back to tales and stories about Egyptian Farao's. With it's deep blue waters and golden deserts, I think this jewelry fits the Middle East very well. See for yourself and let me know what you think! ©




Both the bracelet and the earrings are made with large Blue Stripe Agate semi-precious stones, combined with dark blue glass pearls and golden color metal elements. These items will soon be added to the Etsy Shop.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

A new collection is born!

Well, the start of a new collection rather, as I have been designing some pieces for Spring/Summer 2013 today! I am so excited to share the first two items with you on this lovely Sunday! 

The first piece I would like to share with you is a necklace. I have started off a bit safe by using colors I love to work with: Emerald, Grayed Jade and African Violet. These colors look absolutely amazing together and fit a variety of outfits. For the main part in the new collection, I have chosen to work with metal rings. By having one key element, the collection becomes a whole rather than a mix of loose items.

The main elements of the necklace consist of Malachite semi-precious beads, combined with Jade, Amethyst and Fluorite. Next to the stone beads, I have used a variety of Tibetan Silver elements to finish things off. I hope you like the outcome!



The second jewelry item I have created today was made in order to match the first one, as I like designing jewelry sets. In order to prevent overdoing things, I have created a simple pair of earrings. Please note that these do not have to be worn with the necklace.


So that's it, the first new pieces are out there! I hope you like what you see so far. I promise you that more will be coming up soon and to give you a little heads-up: The next colors I will be showing are Monaco Blue and Lemon Zest so keep an eye out for that! ©

Saturday, 6 October 2012

The new fashion color trends have arrived!

Wow, I can't believe it has been over half a year since the last post! I do apologize! I have had some troubles with my computer as it suddenly decided not to recognize my wireless card anymore.. Sometimes you just wish we didn't rely on technology so much!

Anyway, Jewelry by Annemieke is back and I have got a lot in store for all of you starting off with a brand new Pantone Fashion Color Report showing us the latest trends for the coming season! The report came out about a month ago so I am a bit on the late side but better late than never right? Enjoy!

The first color is called Emerald, a radiant green that makes me think of a forest in morning dew, Warm dark green with that blue shine to it. Beautiful and I for one cannot wait to work with this color! For some spicy combinations try this color together with Nectarine and African Violet or if you prefer something a bit less, Grayed Jade and Tender Shoots would also work great.

Next is a color I think everyone is familiar with, Grayed Jade. We have all seen Asian Jade figurines or beads in that lovely light, cool grayish green color. I for one love working with Jade as you can see in the picture on the right, showing one of my necklaces. The green shade of this color goes well with cool purples ranging from Violet to Phlox and is easy to combine.

The last color in the group of greens is a somewhat brighter version, leaning towards lime green. Tender Shoots is a soft lime, however active and cheerful. Combine this spring color with Lemon Zest and Nectarine for a true summer feeling!

From the green shades we travel to the blue ones, starting with a cool, fresh hue of blue named Dusk Blue. This shade shows calm serenity and reminds me of a cold day in winter with a clear blue sky and the watery warmth of the winter sun. Together with its darker version Monaco Blue, this color looks great in combination with the pale pink of Linen.

I absolutely love the next blue color Pantone has picked for us. Monaco blue is a deep, classic blue that can be used in a variety of things. This hue reminds me of a good pair of jeans. Combined with Poppy Red, Nectarine or Lemon Zest for a bright combo or with Linen for a more sophisticated look.

Violet purple, an intriguing color that has been around for centuries and always succeeds in looking stunning. For me violet reminds me of my home in the Netherlands, where we have large heather fields that turn purple in August. With that comes an event called the 'Heideweek' (heather week) where the whole city is dressed with beautiful violet ribbons and things. For a beautiful and daring outfit, try using this color with Poppy Red.

From purple, we travel to a pale shade of pink with the name of Linen. This color forms a perfect base for neutrals or combined with some brighter tones. When working with my beads, I often find this color in the form of Rose Quartz. Combined with Watermelon Tourmaline or freshwater pearls this shade makes beautiful accessories. 

With the neutrals of Linen, we find a nice contrast in the hard red color of Poppy Red. This color is very popular in the UK as the poppy forms a national symbol. Other than that, this shade of red is very popular among us ladies as my guess is that most of us own that red killer dress or a nice bright red lipstick. Goes fabulous with Monaco Blue but also works suprisingly well with African Violet.

Next is a warm orange called Nectarine. Last season we saw its more outspoken version Tangerine Orange, which was chosen color of the year. Nectarine might be less bright but will however fit perfectly with this springs collection. This shade of orange will go well with its zesty sister Lemon Zest as well as Monaco Blue and Poppy Red.

The final color of this wonderful Pantone Fashion Color Report is a bright yellow called Lemon Zest. The name says it all really; this color is bright, vibrant and zesty and it screams sun and summer! Combine this color with the classic Monaco Blue or with Nectarine and African Violet for a bit more contrast.

Wow, what a nice selection of colors! I sure can't wait to start designing new pieces! I hope you feel just as inspired as I do and that you have enjoyed reading this overview of a wonderful set of colors. ©

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Don't Worry, I'm Still Alive!

I know it has been a while since my last blogpost and a lot has happened since then. I have started a new job! Which is why things have been incredibly busy. Now that I have settled down a bit, I thought it would be time to let all of my lovely blogreaders know that I am still alive! So not to worry, I'm about to start some new jewelry, so hopefully new pieces of jewelry will be up soon!

Oh and I have decided to put a little fanpage on the blog for anyone who is interested. The idea is that anyone who is crafty like me and loves to make their own jewelry, can send me an email on with some pictures of your items and I will then post them on here! This way you get the chance to get a bit of free advertising and I get to know a little bit about my fellow jewelry-makers!

I'm looking forward to all of your ideas!! ©

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

And the winner is..

The end of the giveaway is here and I've got a winner!!

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who has entered my giveaway! It's so exciting to see that so many of you participated in my very first giveaway!! I really hope that my new followers will stick with me and my jewelry blog because more giveaways will definitely follow and I love to have you as part of my blog!

Now that's out of the way, I would really like to congratulate AIK with winning my giveaway!!! I've entered your comments on in the order they came in and randomized the list and Aik is the one who came out on top so well done!

I will send you an email to ask for your details and then the earrings will be on their way shortly. I hope you will enjoy them!

And I hope everyone enjoyed this giveaway as much as I did! More will follow soon! ©

Monday, 27 February 2012

REMINDER: Giveaway only 2 days left to enter!

Just a message to remind everyone that my giveaway is still open for entries!! Only 2 days left to enter so be quick if you haven't entered already! ©

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Jewelry Trends Spring/Summer 2012

As the spring/summer collections of jewelry are filling the shops, I thought it would be a good idea to show you what you can find out there this season as there are so many pieces of jewelry out there which sometimes makes it difficult to choose. By highlighting the main trends in jewelry of this season, I hope it will help you in finding what you like and want.

We already saw earlier that the colors for this season are very bright and stand for optimism, but also in the materials of the accessories  themselves there are a number of dominant jewelry trends that we find back in most shops, other than the colors.

The first trend we find back, is chunky metal jewelry. This can basically be anything, from a long necklace to a choker or just a big ring either from metal only or set with gemstones. Really eye-catching and very classy.

The second trend among jewelry items is the incorporation of tribal aspects. This could range from simple feather earrings to a richly colored beaded cuff. Tribal jewelry often combines bright colors with earth tones and makes good use of a zig-zag pattern. It reminds me of the friendship bracelets we used to knot when we were little, by using all kinds of colored yarn. J

This spring the tassels are also completely back in fashion! They can be made of metal, but other materials like suede leather also work. We already saw them last season, but I am glad to see that this season they appear once again and with those lovely colors they look amazing! I'd say bring on the summer sun and blow that warm breeze through those tassels!

What you just can't miss this spring/summer, is a good set of bangles! You can find them absolutely everywhere and the good thing about the trend of this season, is that you can mix and match them anyway you like! You can wear colorful with neutral and acrylic with metal, it doesn't matter as long as you wear lots of them! Go crazy and try it out! I think they really make a simple outfit look fantastic.

The last trend I would like to share with you is romantic, flower jewelry. With the arrival of spring come sunny days, that wonderful holiday feeling and also romance! Flowers start to bloom and new relationships develop. Flowers are the ultimate symbol of romance and in jewelry they look so elegant. Definitely one of my favorites!

This is just a small selection of what you can find in the shops at the moment, there is sooo much more to see! I'd say, just go out there and have a little look for yourself! I hope this article has given you some inspiration for when you go shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry to match your summer outfit! Whether you've got a big or a small budget, there is always something out there for you. Good luck in your search and let me know what you have come up with! ©

Sunday, 19 February 2012

One of my big inspirations: Swarovski

I have decided to dedicate a blogpost to one of my biggest inspirations, Swarovski. This spring, they have come up with a stunning collection. This is of course nothing new, but there are a couple of items that I fell in love with straight away! As a jewelry designer and someone looking up to the beauty of big brand Swarovski, just have to share this with you! ©

This necklace is the first item I would like to share with you. It's made with satin ribbon in a romantic vintage pink color, combined with crystal in pastel shades. A true beauty if you ask me! What I love most about this necklace is that it's elegant and sophisticated, but also the wide range of colors used. I must also admit that a rainbow sequence always works well with me J

After sharing the necklace, I really can't not share the bracelet that makes this jewelry set complete. I always love seeing a bracelet with ribbon, that opens up with a clasp. Ribbon incorporated in jewelry is nice, however it does not work well as a means of closing a bracelet, since it is such soft and smooth material which wouldn't easily hold a knot. Especially satin. But this set definitely thought of everything and is vintage as well as modern. Great addition!

The next item I would like to share with you, also part of the Swarovski Spring 2012 collection, is this beautiful pendant in clear and purple colors, strung on a Rhodium-plated chain. A large clear crystal forms the main part of this pendant, which is set in a beautifully crafted mix of clear and purple color crystal Pointiage. This piece is absolutely eye-catching and inspired by all the wonderful things nature has to offer. Gorgeous!

Finally, a pair of earrings to match the pendant shown above. Aren't they absolutely perfect? Again, Rhodium-plated metal, topped off with a version of the pendant. I think this is a truly inspiring set and very classy.

So these are the four items of the Swarovski Spring 2012 Collection that I wanted to share with you. I hope you are feeling just as inspired as I do when seeing these and in case you would like to read more about these items or if you want to view the entire collection, visit: 

All photos used in this post are from the official Swarovski website.

Friday, 17 February 2012

New logo and blog design!

Hello to all my blogreaders!

As some of you may have noticed when visiting my blog, things have changed a bit! For a while I had been thinking about creating my own logo. Especially since the previous lay-out of the blog was based on a Blogger template. So yes, I wanted something that is completely created by myself and this is the result!

The reason why the blog looks the way it does, is that I wanted to create a style that shows handwriting, as all the messages posted on here are handwritten messages like in a diary if you will, so I thought the handwriting font would make it look a bit more personal.

I hope you will enjoy it and that you keep visiting my blog for jewelry updates and other fun stuff going on in my little life and feel free to place comments if you have tips or things that I could do better or just to let me know who you are! :-) I'll keep you updated as much as I can!

A lovely weekend to all of you! ©

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Brand new Fashion Color Report Fall 2012!

Yay, it's New York Fashion Week and that means that showing the new colors for fall 2012! The new Color Report is just in and I am here to present it to all of you!! Here are the fashion color trends for the fall, brought to you by Pantone:
      Tracy Reese
French Roast, the alternative for black and definitely very sophisticated! Try this color together with Olympian Blue and Honey Gold.
     Carmen Marc Valvo
Honey Roast, a lovely warm golden yellow to brighten the grey days. Wonderful in combination with the next color, Pink Flambé or a more royal shade of Olympian Blue!
     Rachel Roy
Pink Flambé, a flamboyant shade of pink, ideal to brighten up the calmer colors
     Bill Blass by Jeffrey Monteiro
Tangerine Orange, THE color for 2012! After its success for the spring and summer, it just had to come back for the fall! ;)
     Ella Moss by Pamella Protzel Scott
Ultramarine Green, a cool blue-green which works great with vibrant orange and pink, but definitely also looks very stylish with Olympian Blue and Honey Gold.
     Nanette Lepore
Bright Chartreuse, a wonderful color after the heat of the summer, going from the bright yellows to a more mellow yellow-green. It's good spring color, but in this case works well as a transition to the more cooler days of the autumn. For a more daring combination, try it with Pink Flambé!
     Tadashi Shoji
Olympian Blue, a wonderful full-bodied shade of blue! With a very suitable name, as we are moving towards the Olympics, the games that tend to make us all slightly patriotic ;)
     Charlotte Ronson
Titanium, a color and metal everybody had heard of! Beautiful deep grey which works in a classy combination with Ultramarine Green. In case you want to keep it more neutral, try combining with Rose Smoke or for a bold metal necklace together with Honey Gold.
     Nicole Miller
Rhapsody, another color that works well with the previously mentioned Titanium and Ultramarine Green, as this shade of purple has a grey shine to it. Perfect for calm, cool days.

     BCBG by Max and Lubov Azria

The last of the Pantone Fashion colors for this fall is a shade called Rose Smoke, a grey with pink undertone color. I absolutely love this in combination with Tangerine Orange and Olympian Blue! If you want to keep things down a bit, this color also works well with French Roast and Pink Flambé.
These are the colors for the women fashion trends. Looking at the men's fashion colors, we see only a couple of slighly different shades, but nothing big other than the replacement of Pink Flambé by the more manly shade of Rhubarb.
Well, I am very excited about these new colors and can't wait to get to work! Jewelry designs for the fall will have to wait for a while, but don't worry, new items will follow soon!! I hope you enjoy these colors and the report as much as I do! ©