Thursday, 23 February 2012

Jewelry Trends Spring/Summer 2012

As the spring/summer collections of jewelry are filling the shops, I thought it would be a good idea to show you what you can find out there this season as there are so many pieces of jewelry out there which sometimes makes it difficult to choose. By highlighting the main trends in jewelry of this season, I hope it will help you in finding what you like and want.

We already saw earlier that the colors for this season are very bright and stand for optimism, but also in the materials of the accessories  themselves there are a number of dominant jewelry trends that we find back in most shops, other than the colors.

The first trend we find back, is chunky metal jewelry. This can basically be anything, from a long necklace to a choker or just a big ring either from metal only or set with gemstones. Really eye-catching and very classy.

The second trend among jewelry items is the incorporation of tribal aspects. This could range from simple feather earrings to a richly colored beaded cuff. Tribal jewelry often combines bright colors with earth tones and makes good use of a zig-zag pattern. It reminds me of the friendship bracelets we used to knot when we were little, by using all kinds of colored yarn. J

This spring the tassels are also completely back in fashion! They can be made of metal, but other materials like suede leather also work. We already saw them last season, but I am glad to see that this season they appear once again and with those lovely colors they look amazing! I'd say bring on the summer sun and blow that warm breeze through those tassels!

What you just can't miss this spring/summer, is a good set of bangles! You can find them absolutely everywhere and the good thing about the trend of this season, is that you can mix and match them anyway you like! You can wear colorful with neutral and acrylic with metal, it doesn't matter as long as you wear lots of them! Go crazy and try it out! I think they really make a simple outfit look fantastic.

The last trend I would like to share with you is romantic, flower jewelry. With the arrival of spring come sunny days, that wonderful holiday feeling and also romance! Flowers start to bloom and new relationships develop. Flowers are the ultimate symbol of romance and in jewelry they look so elegant. Definitely one of my favorites!

This is just a small selection of what you can find in the shops at the moment, there is sooo much more to see! I'd say, just go out there and have a little look for yourself! I hope this article has given you some inspiration for when you go shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry to match your summer outfit! Whether you've got a big or a small budget, there is always something out there for you. Good luck in your search and let me know what you have come up with! ©


  1. Firstly what I see is that there is a lot of variety from very heavy looking ones to delicate and colour bright pieces suiting everyone's taste pretty much this spring !!!