Monday, 8 October 2012

Longing for Egyptian sands

A new day with new jewelry. In my last post I gave all of you a little sneak preview of what my next jewelry plans were. This time I went a bit outside of my own box and decided to create a piece with golden elements, a color I myself do not really wear. 

For the next two items, I have used the colors Monaco Blue and Lemon Zest as the base of my inspiration. By combining the yellow of the gold with dark blue, a royal combination comes to my mind that takes me back to tales and stories about Egyptian Farao's. With it's deep blue waters and golden deserts, I think this jewelry fits the Middle East very well. See for yourself and let me know what you think! ©




Both the bracelet and the earrings are made with large Blue Stripe Agate semi-precious stones, combined with dark blue glass pearls and golden color metal elements. These items will soon be added to the Etsy Shop.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

A new collection is born!

Well, the start of a new collection rather, as I have been designing some pieces for Spring/Summer 2013 today! I am so excited to share the first two items with you on this lovely Sunday! 

The first piece I would like to share with you is a necklace. I have started off a bit safe by using colors I love to work with: Emerald, Grayed Jade and African Violet. These colors look absolutely amazing together and fit a variety of outfits. For the main part in the new collection, I have chosen to work with metal rings. By having one key element, the collection becomes a whole rather than a mix of loose items.

The main elements of the necklace consist of Malachite semi-precious beads, combined with Jade, Amethyst and Fluorite. Next to the stone beads, I have used a variety of Tibetan Silver elements to finish things off. I hope you like the outcome!



The second jewelry item I have created today was made in order to match the first one, as I like designing jewelry sets. In order to prevent overdoing things, I have created a simple pair of earrings. Please note that these do not have to be worn with the necklace.


So that's it, the first new pieces are out there! I hope you like what you see so far. I promise you that more will be coming up soon and to give you a little heads-up: The next colors I will be showing are Monaco Blue and Lemon Zest so keep an eye out for that! ©

Saturday, 6 October 2012

The new fashion color trends have arrived!

Wow, I can't believe it has been over half a year since the last post! I do apologize! I have had some troubles with my computer as it suddenly decided not to recognize my wireless card anymore.. Sometimes you just wish we didn't rely on technology so much!

Anyway, Jewelry by Annemieke is back and I have got a lot in store for all of you starting off with a brand new Pantone Fashion Color Report showing us the latest trends for the coming season! The report came out about a month ago so I am a bit on the late side but better late than never right? Enjoy!

The first color is called Emerald, a radiant green that makes me think of a forest in morning dew, Warm dark green with that blue shine to it. Beautiful and I for one cannot wait to work with this color! For some spicy combinations try this color together with Nectarine and African Violet or if you prefer something a bit less, Grayed Jade and Tender Shoots would also work great.

Next is a color I think everyone is familiar with, Grayed Jade. We have all seen Asian Jade figurines or beads in that lovely light, cool grayish green color. I for one love working with Jade as you can see in the picture on the right, showing one of my necklaces. The green shade of this color goes well with cool purples ranging from Violet to Phlox and is easy to combine.

The last color in the group of greens is a somewhat brighter version, leaning towards lime green. Tender Shoots is a soft lime, however active and cheerful. Combine this spring color with Lemon Zest and Nectarine for a true summer feeling!

From the green shades we travel to the blue ones, starting with a cool, fresh hue of blue named Dusk Blue. This shade shows calm serenity and reminds me of a cold day in winter with a clear blue sky and the watery warmth of the winter sun. Together with its darker version Monaco Blue, this color looks great in combination with the pale pink of Linen.

I absolutely love the next blue color Pantone has picked for us. Monaco blue is a deep, classic blue that can be used in a variety of things. This hue reminds me of a good pair of jeans. Combined with Poppy Red, Nectarine or Lemon Zest for a bright combo or with Linen for a more sophisticated look.

Violet purple, an intriguing color that has been around for centuries and always succeeds in looking stunning. For me violet reminds me of my home in the Netherlands, where we have large heather fields that turn purple in August. With that comes an event called the 'Heideweek' (heather week) where the whole city is dressed with beautiful violet ribbons and things. For a beautiful and daring outfit, try using this color with Poppy Red.

From purple, we travel to a pale shade of pink with the name of Linen. This color forms a perfect base for neutrals or combined with some brighter tones. When working with my beads, I often find this color in the form of Rose Quartz. Combined with Watermelon Tourmaline or freshwater pearls this shade makes beautiful accessories. 

With the neutrals of Linen, we find a nice contrast in the hard red color of Poppy Red. This color is very popular in the UK as the poppy forms a national symbol. Other than that, this shade of red is very popular among us ladies as my guess is that most of us own that red killer dress or a nice bright red lipstick. Goes fabulous with Monaco Blue but also works suprisingly well with African Violet.

Next is a warm orange called Nectarine. Last season we saw its more outspoken version Tangerine Orange, which was chosen color of the year. Nectarine might be less bright but will however fit perfectly with this springs collection. This shade of orange will go well with its zesty sister Lemon Zest as well as Monaco Blue and Poppy Red.

The final color of this wonderful Pantone Fashion Color Report is a bright yellow called Lemon Zest. The name says it all really; this color is bright, vibrant and zesty and it screams sun and summer! Combine this color with the classic Monaco Blue or with Nectarine and African Violet for a bit more contrast.

Wow, what a nice selection of colors! I sure can't wait to start designing new pieces! I hope you feel just as inspired as I do and that you have enjoyed reading this overview of a wonderful set of colors. ©