Saturday, 9 February 2013

Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2013

The New York Fashion Week is hot and going which means that Pantone has come up with a new, amazing color report! Fresh from the press and I must say that my first impression is very positive. The colors show sophistication, class and elegance but are also vivid enough for the darker seasons of the year.

Now, I know we are just about to enter spring, however I couldn't wait to share the latest with you so here are the new fashion color trends for Fall 2013!

I am starting off with a very popular color which we saw earlier in the spring color report: Emerald. This rich green shade is named color of the year 2013 and I think we can all understand why! During spring, when plants are showing off their wonderful green foliage, this color really comes to life. But even in autumn, when leaves change their color, emerald fits the smooth transition from green to a more yellow hue which later turns into deep orange.

 That change from deep green to a more yellowish green brings me to the second color called Linden Green. This color is part of the color report according to Pantone 'to offer some lightness and brightness to the darker shades of fall'. To me, Linden Green looks like the light shade in the army camouflage suits. As boring as this color might seem on its own, try combining it with purple Acai and red Samba and it might surprise you! If you are more into the cooler colors, try this color with Mykonos Blue.

The next color is a type of blue with the name Mykonos Blue, the lighter sister of Sodalite Blue which was mentioned in earlier Color Reports. Mykonos Blue might look bold but having this shade of blue in your wardrobe will definitely add class and elegance to the mix! A classic combination is formed with golden accessories, but when it comes to other colors, try combining Mykonos Blue with shades of gray like Turbulence and Copper metals or go for an autumn look with Carafe brown and orange like Koi.

From blue we move on to the warmer colors, starting with a deep purple called Acai. This purple is not quite as bold as Phlox, seen in earlier fashion color reports, but absolutely fits the fall color trend with its elegance and richness. Pantone describes this color in her report as exotic and mysterious and I see where they are coming from. To me that is exactly what purple does. As mentioned before Acai is beautiful together with Linden Green and Samba but if you happen to love the classic combinations better, Acai will always look amazing with gray like Turbulence. For bold, bright options, go for Acai with Vivacious, a deep shade of fuchsia.

Samba is the next color in line and I must say I love it! The best way to describe this color is simply red. Maybe not as bright red as its brothers and sisters but Samba definitely brings the good old dramatic effect to every outfit! Using Samba red in combination with neutrals reminds me of wearing all natural make-up with bold red lipstick. Something I must admit, I have not yet dared to try but looks amazing on tv and in magazine! Perhaps this will be something for the future ;-)

Next to neutral colors, Samba red likes to be worn with Koi orange and purples but also forms a nice office-combination with the black pencil skirt or Turbulence gray.

Moving from red to a color that is always close to my heart in a way even though I do not really wear it much. Orange, the national color of my home country The Netherlands. This particular shade of orange carries the name Koi, probably because it resembles the color of the Koi carp. A beautiful soft orange that definitely needs to come out of the wardrobe every once in a while! Orange is by some of us seen as a difficult color that does not fit everyone. However, if it does suit you, it is so easy to combine in the shape of a top with a simple deep blue pair of jeans. When it comes to the colors in this report, Mykonos Blue is not the only one Koi can be combined with. Try a elegant combination with Turbulence or Vivacious for a bold statement.

Vivacious pink is a darker Fuchsia that completely fits the fall range of 2013. Every woman loves a shade of girly pink in their life right? Well, this one is definitely that! It offers sensuality as well as brightness. In office attire Vivacious attracts blacks and grays, even a natural green like Deep Lichen Green but also the glamorous browns like Carafe.

From the proper lively colors we move to the natural shades. I must say that they are absolutely gorgeous! The first of three natural hues is a brown one with the name Carafe. Pantone describes this brown as glamorous and I agree! Personally I love brown and wear it quite often. Carafe shows a true warm brown that will take you through the cold seasons of the year in no time! Classic combinations involve Mykonos Blue and Koi, as well as Samba and Acai, but to be honest I think this shade will go with almost anything! A good replacement for the more formal black that we all tend to grab during the dark winter months.

The next color I would like to share with you is an army-green called Deep Lichen Green. This pale gray-green shows serenity and rest. What a great way to compliment those bright colors described earlier in this blogpost. To me, this color is the richest of all rich natural colors and I can't wait to get my hands on a nice pair of trousers and a good pair of leather boots.

Finally we move from green-gray to a proper deep gray with the name Turbulence. Again a very rich color and a perfect alternative to black. Wear Turbulence with Deep Lichen Green and Emerald for a beautiful natural green fall outfit or step into the light with Koi and Vivacious.

As we can see, Pantone have once again done a great job defining the more prominent hues for Fall 2013 and I hope that all of you, like me, can't wait to try out new things! I hope this review helps to inspire you. Remember, love your neutrals but don't be afraid to wear your colors during those dark days of the year! ©


  1. All color are lovely and suit to almost all people.Vivacious pink is one of my favorite.I have many dresses of this color and handmade bracelets that I purchased from online jewelry store.

  2. I LOVE THIS! Pantone colors are all so fabulous and Mykonos Blue is a prime example! We love it so much that we made it our color of the week and put together a fabulous outfit on our blog to show how to dress wearing Pantone's Mykonos Blue using a complementary color palette. You can take a look at it here and tell us what you think! xoxo, WearToStandOut