Thursday, 5 September 2013

Pantone Presents: The Colors of Spring 2014!

Hello my dear blog readers!

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to write a new blog post! Things have been busy and even though that is no excuse, it is often the reason why the blog is on hold for a bit as I like to properly sit down for this. You are going to like this one though, because the new fashion color trends have arrived!!

I am going to dive straight into it! The summer of 2014 is all about the strong, artistic person. As seen in the summer collections of this season, pastels are all around us. 2014 However, combines this with a few spicy touches!

The first three colors I want to highlight are part of the pastel range and on the cold end of the colors.

Firstly there is Placid Blue, a very soft sky blue that stands for tranquility and calmness. Naturally, this color is easily combined with white and darker blue varieties, but should you want something more daring, why not try combining it with Cayenne red and some grey?

The second color in this pastel trio is one that reminds me a bit of the blue-ish purple color of Yardley Lavender soap. Violet Tulip is a somewhat soft light purple, described by Pantone as vintage. As it is such a soft and quiet color, I would suggest combining this with its brighter sister Radiant Orchid which I will explain later on. Shades of green and orange also work well.

The third and final color in the cooler shades is called Hemlock, a light soft shade of green. In previous color reports, Pantone has shown us some brighter and harder greens, so this is a nice change for the summer. Again, as this is a soft color it is best in combination with a bold statement color like Radiant Orchid, Celosia Orange or Freesia yellow.

Going slowly towards the warmer shades, the next color is one of my favorites. It is a very neutral color named Sand. The name says it all really. This color reminds you of a very obvious thing: sand! And most of all, beaches where you can find the most of it. According to Pantone, this color emphasizes the carefree moments in life. When it comes to fashion and jewelry, I love combining this color with Radiant Orchid and Cayenne, but also Freesia or Dazzling Blue and Paloma grey for its calmer variety.

Paloma grey is a silvery color that goes well with most colors. It is a very neutral color, but sophisticated enough to be worn by itself as well. Grey usually makes me think of an office straight away. A nice suit or a silk scarf. Maybe in this case, to make it more exciting, a pencil skirt with a bright bold blouse on top. Basically a color that can be combined with almost everything and therefor a must-have!

Going over to brighter things, lets start with Cayenne, a vibrant red that is spicy and adds that extra kick to the more neutral shades. This shade works well in particular with purples and greys, but becomes a proper flavor bomb when mixed with Freesia.

As I have just mentioned it in combination with Cayenne red, I think it is time to highlight this bright, sunny shade called Freesia! It reminds me of a top I have just bought in mustard, a lovely deep vibrant shade of yellow. I personally love combining this color with neutrals like Sand and blues like Dazzling Blue. Pantone offers a really interesting different combination with Hemlock and Celosia Orange, something I can't wait to try!

The last color in this warm bunch of brights, is a warm orange with the name Celosia Orange. It is described as spontaneous and optimistic, definitely something we can all use after the dark winter days! I mentioned it before with Freesia yellow, but this color is also a great combination with purples like Violet Tulip and Radiant Orchid, or a bit more neutral with Paloma and Cayenne if you don't want to make it too bold.

From the bold, warm colors we move on to the last two of the bunch. Not so much less bold, but in the cooler ranges of the color palette. The first of the two is a wonderful bright purple with the name of Radiant Orchid. I have mentioned it earlier in this post in combination with the other colors, but I would like to stress that this strong color can perfectly hold its ground on its own.

Finally, the last color of this set is a bold blue called Dazzling Blue. As I mentioned earlier with Sand, the name of this color says it all as well. It is dazzling and wonderful! Pantone mentions that it is the complete opposite to Placid Blue and these two can therefor easily be combined. I love combining this color in my jewelry with Freesia and golden metals. Are you looking to go even bolder? Try combining this shade of blue with Celosia Orange and Cayenne red.

This brings me to the end of a wonderful set of spring 2014 colors. Brilliantly chosen by Pantone and I hope you are looking forward to seeing the new JbA ideas that will come up soon! ©